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Poet and performer, Jon Sands, gives us a precise collection of personal anecdotes, poems, and spells, all in the old school tradition of “The Perfect Mixtape”. Sands explains it best in the title poem: “To make a mix tape, you need to understand you are casting a spell. Your subjects aren’t allowed to know you have broken into them with potions and flashlights, to reroute their chemistry for their own good. Folks think you can just tell people to have a good time. Bodies need to be romanced.”
LOST DAYS by Stephanos Papadopoulos
ISBN: 1-892494-33-7 (paperback)– $12.95 / ISBN: 1-892494-34-5 (clothbound)– $24.95 / LCCN: 00-104014. Book and CD.
“These poems of place–Greece, America, Paris, St. Lucia, UK– depend on the poet’s capacity for the vignette, the snapshot, the swift conjuring of mood. These poems, particularly the Greek ones, reveal an intent and faithful eye and effortless fluency. The Greek ones in particular because they are small windows into a bigger, darker historic canvas. The radiance of panoramic Greece provides the backdrop to places maimed and scarred and to the small anecdotes of the fragile heroes contained within it. In the St. Lucia poems, behind the brief conjuring of a place and its ethos as a visitor one hears the more powerful voice of Derek Walcott, powerful because deeply rooted there (as in the Greek poems here). Nevertheless the intensity of observation, the fluency and a psychological stance that captures an emptiness behind the watching makes this collection an impressive dedication to the chosen places and people.” –Judy Gahagan, Ambit Magazine.
ENGLISH by Jeet Thayil
ISBN: 1-892494-59-0 (paperback)– $12.00 / LCCN: 2003096867. Co-published with Penguin Books India. Book and CD.
“English deserves attention and could be one of the better books you will read this year.” – American Book Review
“Jeet Thayil’s work is, quite simply, the genuine article. I shake, vigorously, his hand.” – Thomas Lux
CICADA by Mark Nickels
ISBN: 1-892494-22-1 (paperback)– $12.95 / LCCN: 00-104014. Book and CD.
“In most ways Cicada is an astounding book, nearly a new species of poetry. Often the poems poach gracefully in the territory of the novel. I was poignantly taken by the astute fluidity of the language, the facility of looking at ordinary things in a radical new way. This book should be widely read because it announces the arrival of a poet who has a good shot at being major.” – Jim Harrison, Author of Legends of the Fall.
ISBN: 1-892494-24-8 (paperback)– $12.95 / LCCN: 00-190957. Book and CD.
“Michael T. Young’s exquisitely crafted poems celebrate durable materials like glass, metal, and stone. Yet there is a pervasive aching awareness of human transience, frailty, and love underlying his elegant surfaces. A rich and accomplished debut.” –Rachel Hadas

ISBN: 1-892494-64-7 (paperback)–$13.00 (US) / $15.00 (CAN). LCCN: 2004094405. Book and CD.

Present at the creation of performance poetry, Emily XYZ acquired a cult following with her live gigs, punk stylings and recordings for indie-rock labels through the ’80s and ’90s, lighting up the stage at the now-famed Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Despite her relative prominence (including appearances on television and in high-profile anthologies), XYZ has produced no previous book: she may have felt, and her fans might have agreed, that her performance style, vocal delivery and musical accompaniment contribute as much to her work as the words themselves. This breakthrough volume collects 13 of XYZ’s texts, each scored for two simultaneous speakers, along with notes on their composition and performance. — Publisher’s Weekly, Jan. 2005

ISBN: 1-892494-31-0 (paperback)– $12.95 / LCCN: 2001116177. Book and CD.
“What rises in flames falls / As ash, and what never burns / Turns the heart to stone….” While lyricism ultimately may not be transcendent here, stoicism is a more grievous fate. And it’s the contention between what rises in flames and what turns to stone that so powerfully drives these poems. It’s our great good fortune that the daunting places and undaunted presences possessing this poet so vividly inhabit his poetry – from Cobb’s Lake to the anonymous hand that scrawled on a Memphis wall “I done broke / life & death / down.” I like this work, I’ve liked it since the first time I saw it, I’m going to enjoy and admire it for years to come.” -– William Pitt Root, author of Trace Elements from a Recurring Kingdom
I WANT YOUR CHAIR by Elaine Schwager
ISBN: 1-892494-08-6 (paperback)– $14.95 / ISBN: 1-892494-18-3 (clothbound)– $24.95 / LCCN: 99-069799. Book and CD.
“There are poems here that are the best I’ve read of anybody in a long time. The poems are strong always in the poet’s own language, with no cliches. The forms they take seem natural and right. There is a range of emotion from pensive to defiant and funny.” – Louis Simpson
ISBN: 1-892494-26-4 (paperback)– $12.95 / LCCN: 00-190958. Book and CD.
“Here, an omniscient auteur is arranging the energies of the poems to create a composite picture. This book is not chronological, it’s phenomenological. It’s a carefully constructed canvas, a study in universal consciousness filtered through Kushner’s specifics.” –Poetry Project Newsletter
ISBN: 1892494701 (paperback)– $12.95
The first book in English on a little known cinema from a key part of the Middle East. This timely collection offers critical essays and historical overview of film production in Syria, as well as brings together words and texts from several of Syria’s most critically acclaimed and internationally celebrated masters of cinema. In their own words, the filmmakers offer candid commentary and compelling insights into their relationship with their craft and their struggle to make films in a developing country under single-party rule, where civil freedoms have been held captive to emergency laws for over three decades. This collection offers a rare glimpse at how they managed the remarkable feat of creating an intransigently independent cinema in spite of near impossible conditions. Co-published with ArteEast.

by Todd Swift & Philip Norton (Editors)
ISBN: 1892494531 (paperback)– $12.95 / Book and CD
Short Fuse is the first major global collection of poetry from the 21st-century featuring many of the poets who are defining world literature and culture. Over 175 innovative poets from around the world are represented in this remarkable 400-page volume, ebook & CD. The fusion poets define these complex times through new forms of performance and text by mixing the best of the oral and written traditions. The hundreds of poems in this eclectic and powerful gathering are ferocious, funny, erotic, elegiac, and always grounded in the real experiences and voices of our startling present.

ONOMALINGUA by Edwin Torres
“Equals parts Joycean experimentalist, Nuyorican performance poet, New York School-style emoter and graphic concrete poet, Torres has been developing one of the most elaborate poetic hybrids.” – Publishers Weekly. FREE at ISSUU

POep! Edited by Edwin Torres and Anselm Berrigan
Inspired by Russian constructivist artist El Lissitsky whose paintings were called prouns. Prouns integrate architecture with graphic design and are derived from the words PROaktivst UNkn,which means ‘seeing the now in space.POeP! is a hybrid of the words ‘POem’ and ‘Ethernet Protocol.’ It means seeing the now in space by combining poetry and technology. Featuring Alice Notley, Robert Creeley, John Yau, Julianna Spahr, Hoa Nguyen, Bob Holman, Bruce Andrews, Elena Alexander, Ron Silliman, Sharon Mesmer, Todd Colby, and many more. FREE at ISSUU.
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An experiment in vision. It offers a theory of the page and a catalogue of practices that probe its possibilities. The book’s premise is simple: Words and images have never lived in discrete realms. Poet, visual artist, and critic Jill Magi explores the many ways they coexist on the page. Ranging from photographs to fonts, from ekphrasis to sketching, she opens up new ways to understand a world awash in multimedia representations. Formats: PDF, MOBI and EPUB
THE OYSTER by Dejan Lukic & Nik Kosieradzki.
Subject: Literary Essays / Price: $1
A pamphlet about the aesthetic origins of the universe. This humble mollusk is elevated to a philosophical object: it filters the ocean, filters creation, filters our knowledge of the world. Erudite and plain-spoken, this pamphlet opens our senses to the taste of all that exists. Craig Epplin is a professor at Portland State University, where he teaches classes on Latin American culture. His first book, Late Book Culture in Argentina, is forthcoming from Bloomsbury. He is the series editor of Furniture in Motion. Formats: PDF and EPUB