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Rattapallax is committed to producing poetic films and documentaries with a social dimension to them.



Set in three countries, the film is a global story of fearless skills and heart-bounding suspense. In the slums of Mumbai, India, Sandeep, a coach with high dreams and a debilitating case of malaria leads his team to break the record and build India’s biggest human tower at the one-day Dahi Handi Festival. While in Vilafranca de Penedes, Spain, a legendary coach, Melilla, takes his dreams to Santiago, Chile, hoping to share the castellers’ tradition that goes back 400 years. Pressed for time, Melilla needs to prepare the Chilean team for the Universal Forum of Cultures where they will attempt the first seven-level tower in Chile. Helped by Luis, a scholar, they develop a model to unify Chilean society from the bottom up through the human towers. But all it takes is one shaky foot to send hundreds of bodies tumbling into the mud or onto the crumbling pavement. A passion beyond race, borders, and ages. more ]



Eddie Parker, his wife Tracy and their 12-year-old son Mitch lead blue-collar lives on the outskirts of America’s pleasure capital, Las Vegas. A compulsive gambler, Eddie has never won big. Tending her small garden in the desert, Tracy tries to keep the fragile family life together. Then an elusive stranger shows up claiming there’s something special about their home and he makes an offer that quickly turns into the family’s obsession. The only question is how deep are they willing to go? Selected for competition for the 65th Venice Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival. more ]




Three Brazilian actresses decide to go to Índia to break into the film industry, but once they are inside the heart of Indian Culture, their dreams and wills start to change on the contrast between the East and the West, the ancient and the contemporary values, between the individual the the collective yearning. Selected for competition for the 33rd Mostra Internacional de Cinema em Sao Paulo and the Busan International Film Festival. [ more ]



Gabriela Leite is the first known sex worker to run for Brazilian Congress. The film accompanies her 2010 campaign as she faces 822 opponents and challenges the male dominated political system to see if a sex worker, activist, wife, mother, and cultural icon can beat the odds and win the election. Winner at the 2011 Fusion Film Festival. [ more ]


Salt in the Air


Salt is famously “the only rock eaten by humans.” It’s also the only rock inhaled by humans for health benefits. SALT IN THE AIR, a feature-length documentary film, will tell the stories of salt miners, mine engineers, doctors, asthma patients and residents of a small Ukrainian village called Solotvyno, which is located deep in the Carpathian Mountains on the border of Romania. A film by Enrico Rossini Cullen. [ more ]



What happens when a downtown New York poet of the hip hop and slam persuasion discovers that the roots of spoken word go back thousands of years and span the globe? If he’s Bob Holman, he goes On the Road to track them down! He trades stories, fun, recipes, insights, jokes, songs, and poems. Along the way, he gets passionately immersed in the Endangered Language crisis — over half the world’s 6500 languages will disappear before the end of this century. Holman guides us to the bottom-line question of survival of these systems of consciousness with respect, joy, and dedication to diversity. He throws himself into the life – shares the meals, participates in the ceremonies, dances and parties. His enthusiasm infects the series’ fast-paced style – Hip, but not hipper than thou. Serious fun! Ok everybody, get ready — let’s take the road not taken, with Bob Holman. more ]