Furniture in Motion

Furniture in Motion is a pamphlet series published electronically by Rattapallax, with an emphasis on visual culture. The titular image is borrowed from the Chilean poet Nicanor Parra. Against the majesty of trees, Parra’s classic antipoems give us instead a world of home furnishings, tables and chairs in perpetual circulation. This is poetry as carpentry. Similarly, the entries in this series do not seek a return to roots. Rather, they take up ideas in flight, images in flux. The Oyster is the collection’s first volume.



The Oyster is a pamphlet about the aesthetic origins of the universe. This humble mollusk is elevated to a philosophical object: it filters the ocean, filters creation, filters our knowledge of the world. Erudite and plain-spoken, this pamphlet opens our senses to the taste of all that exists. By Dejan Lukic & Nik Kosieradzki.

Formats: PDF and EPUB
Subject: Literary Essays / Price: $1 / Release: April 2014




Dejan Lukic holds a PhD in anthropology from Columbia University. He is a teacher, writer, and co- founder of the Vitalist Cuisine project.


Nik Kosieradzki is a history student at Reed College. He will graduate in the spring of 2014.


Craig Epplin is a professor at Portland State University, where he teaches classes on Latin American culture. His first book, Late Book Culture in Argentina, is forthcoming from Bloomsbury. He is the series editor of Furniture in Motion.