Pigeon Keepers of Bushwick

Look up from the busy hectic streets of New York City life, and you will see a flock of purebred pigeons flying in circles around an abandoned tenement building in Bushwick. Their aerial acrobatics are guided by their keeper, a street-wise Puerto Rico man nicknamed 2Tone. On the other end of Brooklyn, Goodwin and his pal, Super 13, tend their pigeon coop and flock of 300 birds. Each one trying to lure each other’s pigeons away in order to get bragging rights. The keepers are “animal freaks,” as Super 13 calls himself. They love all animals, but are enamored by pigeons. Pigeon keeping is an art that has been around for centuries and practiced all over the world. In the past, pigeon coops were all over New York City, but have been relegated to obscure parts of the outer Burroughs.

PIGEON KEEPERS OF BUSHWICK is a beautifully shot documentary designed for online news and cultural publications. The film is told through the voices and perspectives of the pigeon keepers and brings the audience into this obscure and dying culture in New York City. The video is inspired by a series of stunning photos by Chris Arnade, which are also available for syndication.

Available for syndication. Shot on the Canon 5d.
NTSC. Full HD. 9 minutes.

Near Sunset:  Bushwick Brooklyn

Super 13: Bushwick Brooklyn

2Tone of Junsons Lofts:  East New York Brooklyn

“A true pigeon-man will never give it up, and that’s the god’s honest truth. Even if its one bird in a box in a corner somewhere. As long as he has one bird, and that’s the bird he loves, he is content with that.” — 2Tone

Featuring 2Tone, Super 13 & Goodwin
Producers: Ram Devineni, Ashok Sinha & Martina Sönksen
Camera: Ashok Sinha & Ram Devineni
Director & Editor: Ram Devineni
Executive Producer and Camera Stills: Chris Arnade 
Rattapallax. All rights reserved.