When a young poet discovers a lost manuscript, he is drawn into the New York City literary world with the only key to an unsolved, 30-year-old murder. Starring Jon Sands, Angel Nafis and Mark Greenfield. Produced by Rattapallax Productions. Directed by Ram Devineni. Script by Susan Brennan. Music by Shira E. & the Tiny Tornadoes. [ more ]



What happens when a downtown New York poet of the hip hop and slam persuasion discovers that the roots of spoken word go back thousands of years and span the globe? If he’s Bob Holman, he goes On the Road to track them down! He trades stories, fun, recipes, insights, jokes, songs, and poems. Along the way, he gets passionately immersed in the Endangered Language crisis — over half the world’s 6500 languages will disappear before the end of this century. Holman guides us to the bottom-line question of survival of these systems of consciousness with respect, joy, and dedication to diversity. He throws himself into the life – shares the meals, participates in the ceremonies, dances and parties. His enthusiasm infects the series’ fast-paced style – Hip, but not hipper than thou. Serious fun! Ok everybody, get ready — let’s take the road not taken, with Bob Holman. more ]



In spring 2011, Joshua Ferris, Eliza Griswold, Bob Holman, Nathalie Handal & Christopher Merrill traveled to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and UAE as part of a literary tour. A series of short transmedia peices about their trip including the killing of Osama bin Laden. [ more ]


(3:10 MIN, NTSC) A short piece about the infamous hoarder and poet Lamont B. Steptoe gives you a tour of his cluttered filled Philadelphia apartment and mind. Producer & Director: Ram Devineni. Distributed by CINELAN.


A short documentary about African-American poet Lamont B. Steptoe and his search for the aliens who abducted him in Philadelphia. Steptoe is an American Book Award winner and suffering from post-traumatic syndrome resulting from the Vietnam War. In 2008, he traveled to Roswell, New Mexico to the Roswell UFO Festival to find the aliens he encountered and seek spiritual solace at the famed crash site. While at Roswell, he meets other people who were also adducted by aliens and soon discovers that he is not “alone.” Premiered on WYBE’s Philadelphia Stories. Screened at 14th Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. 2008 Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin. 16th Annual African Diaspora Film Festival. III Bahia Afro Film Festival. Produced, edited and directed by Ram Devineni and Rattapallax Films.


On 11-11-11, Steve and Eliseo had a same-sex marriage ceremony in New York City. They met on November 11 and Steve first popped the question 11 years ago knowing that it could never be a formal marriage. When New York State legalized same-sex marriages in June, they knew they had to get married on 11-11-11! Both Steve and Eliseo started a boutique clothing line for small dogs and with the help of their pet Chihuahua, Martina, they recount their love and prepare for one of the first ceremonial gay marriages in New York City!


Series of short films featuring poets Eileen Myles, Jon Sands, Haleh Gafori, SHIRA, Edward Hirsch, James Ragan, Meena Alexander, Nathalie Handal, and many more.

Shoreline Interactive poem, filmed in New York City. Featuring Jon Sands, Jeanann Verlee, Adam Falkner, Lauren Whitehead, and Carlos Andrés Gómez. Director: Ram Devineni.

POP-UP Poets, filmed in the Subway system of New York City. Featuring Jon Sands. Director: Ram Devineni.

Eileen Myles Animted. Animated by Scott Gelber, filmed by Leland Krane and produced by Rattapallax and Teleportal Readings. Filmed at the Bowery Poetry Club.


Jon Sands reading his poem “What I Know“. Filmed in Brooklyn, New York. Director: Ram Devineni.

Interview with poet James Ragan in his Los Angeles house and a reading of his poem “The Hunger Wall.” Filmed in Los Angeles. Director: Ram Devineni.

POET IN ANDALUCÍA: Nathalie Handal. Filmed in New York City. Director: Ram Devineni.

SHIRA singing “Splashhh (Song for A.M.),” Brooklyn, NY.

Haleh Gafori, filmed by the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City. Reading “Orange Alert.” Director: Ram Devineni.

Jon Sands – EPITHALAMION: A Love Poem for Ben & Wendell. Filmed in New York City. Director: Ram Devineni.

Interview with poet Edward Hirsch for Rattapallax magazine. Filmed in New York City. Director: Ram Devineni.

Edward Hirsch animated. Animated by Scott Gelber, filmed by Leland Krane and produced by Rattapallax and Teleportal Readings. Filmed at the Bowery Poetry Club.

Eileen Myles reads an excerpt from INFERNO (a poet’s novel). Director: Ram Devineni.

Meena Alexander reading “Color of Home”. Filmed on the HighLine, New York City. Director: Ram Devineni.

Poet James Ragan reads “If for Each of Us.” Music by Jameson Ragan. Filmed in Los Angeles. Director: Ram Devineni.

Edward Hirsch on Pablo Neruda’s exile for Sampsonia Way magazine, New York City. Director: Ram Devineni.

Nathalie Handal reading “While Waiting for Death” for Rattapallax magazine, New York City. Director: Ram Devineni.

James Ragan reading a poem by Tera Vale Ragan, Los Angeles. Director: Ram Devineni.